About Us

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists are experts in the treatment and management of conditions that impair your ability to function. Therapists use treatment techniquesa to improve movement, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability and injuries. They have earned their bachelors degree in a health or science field, completed a graduate degree in physical therapy and have passed a national licensure exam.

The physical therapist at Pure Rehab Physical Therapy has completed a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree and received further certification in Dry Needling and Vestibular Rehab.

Why Pure Rehab?

At Pure Rehab Physical Therapy in Marietta we provide One on One care to each patient. You will not be one of many patients being treated at the same time by a single therapist. We believe you deserve focused and personalized treatment without distractions. Our goal is to first relieve your pain. We can then get to the root of the problem and customize a plan just for you so the cycle of pain is broken. We want to get you back to working out, running, playing tennis or just cleaning the house without pain.


Current research supports physical therapy treatment first, prior to expensive diagnostic testing such as MRIs and CT scans. Going to your Primary care MD for treatment with pain medications and expensive testing can be time consuming and unsuccessful. If the initial attempt at treatment using traditional medicine doesn’t work then you will be referred to the Orthopedic MD. Generally, this means more expensive testing and possibly more pharmaceutical intervention and then you may be referred for physical therapy. Going to physical therapy first can mitigate the time it takes to get you feeling better and save you money. An initial assessment from a physical therapist can help determine if therapy FIRST is right for you.